Algebra 2

Complex Numbers Joke

Google Classroom Code: fq4znzu

Syllabus Information:

Algebra 2 is a challenging course that continues to build upon concepts learned in Algebra 1. In this class, you will learn about rational exponents, radicals, quadratics, complex numbers, functions, systems, exponential functions, logarithmic functions, polynomials, rational functions, sequences, statistics, and trigonometry.

It is my goal that all Algebra 2 students learn the concepts presented in class. I encourage students to ask for help when needed. I am willing to help before school, during class, and after school. Please never hesitate to contact me.

Classroom Rules
Be respectful to yourselves, others, and the environment.
Follow directions.
Come to class prepared and on time.
No cell phones

Required Materials
Folder, paper, notebook, scientific calculator, and writing utensil

Borrowed Materials
It is the student’s responsibility to take care of all materials on loan (including textbooks). This means no dropping, no defacing, or misuse of equipment. Any destruction of class technology and equipment will result in disciplinary action and replacement.

Homework and Note Policy
Most nights there will be homework assigned. It is essential that the homework is completed. You must clearly label each problem and show all of your work in order to receive credit. Most homework assignments will be graded using a credit/no credit system. However, some will be graded for accuracy.

You need to take notes when concepts are presented in class. You may keep your notes in a notebook, 3-ring binder, or folder.

Make-up Assignments
Upon returning to class it is the student’s responsibility to ask for their make-up work. Any assignment (including tests and quizzes) missed due to an absence must be made up within two days. Tests and quizzes will be scheduled either before or after school within the allotted time frame.

Grading Policy
The grades will be figured using a weighted average of the following categories:
Assessments (Tests and Quizzes) 75%
Practice (Homework/warm ups/etc.) 25%

The final semester grade is established by the 40-40-20 percent setup.
Marking Period 1: 40%
Marking Period 2: 40%
Semester Exam: 20%

Tests and Quizzes
You will have at least one day warning prior to a test. However, you may not have prior warning for quizzes. Communicating with others will not be allowed during either tests or quizzes. After completing a test or quiz, you are to quietly complete a different task until everyone in the class is finished.

A portion of your practice grade is based on participation and warm up points. You earn participation points by being on task, paying attention, answering questions, and presenting problems on the board. You will lose participation points for sleeping, not working, and distracting behavior.

Hall Passes
You must have a pass if you leave the classroom during the scheduled class time. Only one student is allowed to leave the classroom at a time. Passes will be issued at the teacher’s discretion. Please refrain from asking for a pass during instructional time.