Seventh Grade Social Studies: World History

Zell: World History

7th grade Ancient World History is a course that focuses on three critical areas:  1 – Understanding key ideas and concepts in 7th grade Ancient World History; 2- Investigating all key concepts through Inquiry Based questions; 3 – Applying and connecting learning to current and relevant worldly topics.

It is my goal that all students learn the concepts presented in class.  I encourage students to ask for help when they do not understand.  The times I am available to provide extra help will be posted weekly in the classroom.  Please never hesitate to contact me!

Classroom Norms

Be respectful to yourselves, others, and the environment.

Be respectful of classroom technology and follow all district rules.

Follow directions.


Come to class prepared  with a pencil and on time.

Referrals to the behavior interventionist and the office will follow the student handbook rules.

Required Materials

Online book, interactive notebook, and sharpened pencils

Online Textbooks and Classroom Technology

Students will be using a classroom set of Chromebooks.  These Chromebooks require respect and tender care. It is the student’s responsibility to take care of all materials on loan. This means no dropping, no defacing, or misuse of equipment. Any destruction of class technology and equipment will result in disciplinary action and cost of replacement.

It is also expected that all students will follow district policies for visiting school appropriate websites only when permission is granted from the teacher.   It is expected that students will visit only the online textbook site unless otherwise directed.

Daily Schedule

Our daily routine will begin with a warm-up activity (Do Now), which will be on the board when the bell rings.  Next, new material will be presented and discussed in a variety styles.  Then students will have the opportunity to work independently, in pairs, or in small groups depending on the topic or content being covered.  Students will end the class by completing an exit ticket to assess daily understanding of concepts reviewed and filling in their daily planners.

Attendance Policy

Please review the attendance policy in the student handbook.  If you have an excessive number of unexcused absences, you may be asked to make up assignments after school, during lunch, or during an elective class.

Homework Policy

Most nights there will not  be homework assigned.  When there is it is essential that the homework is completed.  You will also have the opportunity to complete any unfinished work from the daily lessons as homework.

Make-up Assignments

Upon returning to class it is the student’s responsibility to ask for their make-up work.  Any assignment (including tests and quizzes) missed due to an absence must be made up.  

Additionally, students are required to have any missing or late assignments made up within two weeks of due date.  If not completed within two weeks, the grade will become a permanent zero.  

Grading Policy

The grades will be figured using a weighted average of the following categories:

Tests                                                                  50%

Assignments                                                           30%

Projects                                                     20%

The final semester grade is established by the 50-50 percent setup.

            Marking Period 1:  50%

            Marking Period 2:  50%

Tests and Quizzes

You will have at least one day warning prior to a test.  However, you may not have prior warning for quizzes.  Communicating with others will not be allowed during either tests or quizzes.  After completing a test or quiz, you are to quietly complete a different task until everyone in the class is finished.

Hall Passes

You must have a pass if you leave the classroom during the scheduled class time.  Only one student is allowed to leave the classroom at a time.  Passes will be issued based upon number of passes available in your planner.  Please refrain from asking for a pass during the first ten minutes of class or the final ten minutes of class.