Read 180


Bentley Middle School

Read 180 Syllabus Mrs. Frey

  Email:       Phone: 810-591-9054


Welcome to READ 180!

I am excited to announce that our school is implementing READ 180, an innovative reading intervention program by Scholastic. Your child has been selected to participate in the program in order to support his or her instructional needs. 

This decision was made after careful consideration. We selected READ 180 because it is research-based with proven results in raising student reading achievement. READ 180 uses cutting-edge technology to deliver individualized reading instruction, provide valuable skills practice, and motivate students to become confident readers. 

In our READ 180 class, your child and I will work together to: 

• Build essential literacy skills. 

• Bring his or her reading up to grade level. 

• Read multiple books this year. 

• Show your child that he or she can attain reading success. 

• Apply those new literacy skills to other subjects such as social studies, math, and   


Your child will need to work hard and will need your encouragement. Support reading at home by visiting the library, setting aside reading time, and discussing the books your child reads..

Classroom Norms

1.      Be Responsible

2.      Be Respectful

3.      Be Safe

3.      Be Positive

School Wide Non-Negotiables

All cell phones must be out of sight and turned off.  Teachers are asked to confiscate any phone seen or heard in class. (Please read the cell phone policy in the handbook) There will be no use of headphones, unless the teacher has permitted for instructional purposes only.  There will be no food or drinks, except water, in the halls or classrooms. Backpacks and purses are not allowed in the classrooms. There will be no hoodies or caps permitted unless student has special permission. 

Classroom Discipline Procedures

The following steps will be taken if students break the classroom norms:

  1.  A reminder of the norms and expectations will be stated.
  2. Restorative questions will be asked to redirect students’ behavior and help them take responsibility.
  3. Contact home
  4. Referral to office.

Please be mindful, that according to the handbook, some offenses can lead to an automatic referral, which will be handled by administration. 

School Wide Reward System

All students who follow the school and classroom expectations have an opportunity to earn “reward coupons.”  In addition to reward coupons, students who have no major referrals and passing grades can participate in reward days.  Reward days offer students choices in fun activities, which are planned by our student climate team. 

Hall Passes

You must have a pass if you leave the classroom during the scheduled class time.  Only one student is allowed to leave the classroom at a time. Passes will be issued at my discretion.  Please refrain from asking for a pass during instructional time. Students will be allowed an allotted amount of hall passes. 

Borrowed Materials

Students are responsible for taking care of all materials on loan (books, chromebooks, art supplies, headphones). This means no dropping, no defacing, or misuse of equipment. Any destruction of class technology and equipment will result in disciplinary action.

Daily Schedule

Our daily routine will begin with students completing a warm-up activity, which will be on the board when the bell rings.  Next, new material will be presented. Then students will have the opportunity to practice new skills while transitioning to different stations. (Independent Reading, Small Group, Whole Group, and Student Application)  

Grading Policy

If any student is earning less than a C-, the classroom teacher will contact the parent.  All parents and students have access to grades on Parentvue/Studentvue.  If you have difficulty accessing your child’s grades, please contact the office for assistance.

Your child will earn a “P” for passing if achieving a grade of C- or above.