Mrs. Richardson

Room 108

Classroom Phone #:  591-9540

Classes: Syllabus for each class.

English 12: Syllabus122018.doc

English 9: Syllabus9-2018.doc

Class Schedule:

1st Hour: English 12

2nd Hour: English 12

3rd Hour: English 9

4th Hour: English 9

5th Hour: English 12

6th Hour: Planning


I have been teaching at Bentley High School since 2001.  I have a BBA from The University of Michigan-Flint.  I am certified and highly qualified to teach English 7-12 and Social Studies 7-12.  I have also completed my Masters Degree in Special Education from Eastern Michigan University. I have been married since 1985 and have 2 sons.  I have been the NHS Adviser since 2005.  In my spare time, I love to read and watch Football.  GO BLUE!!

English 12:

We are currently reading literature from many cultures around the world. Novels we may read include Things Fall Apart, Their Eyes Were Watching God, The Great Gatsby, and 1984. We are also learning about ourselves through research using MLA style for research and presentation.  We are writing research papers about possible careers, and colleges.  We are also working on public speaking.  Each student will give several speeches including their exit presentation at the end of the year for a panel of community members.  They will compile their papers into a Senior Project portfolio about themselves and their plans for the future.

English 9:

In English 9, we will cover the basic elements of literature throughout our study of short stories.  We will read and analyze short stories from various authors around the world. We will also study Hope Was Here, Night, and Romeo and Juliet.  We will work on vocabulary and grammar and have many opportunities to write both creatively and to process information.  Each marking period, students will be required to read at least one independent reading book and will write about their book. Students will also consider future careers and class choices by updating their Educational Development Plan.  Have your student show you their EDP profile on