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Check out the app bedtimemath  It has very short, leveled math stories/problems for each day.  It is kind of like the math version of reading a story before bedtime each night.  

I can Zip day was a big success!  All the children could zip!  I can tie day is the day after December break, so please make sure your child can tie!

I created a youtube Channel for videos of some of our activities in class.  Here is the link to Miss Cobb's youtube channel.  I will put individual links to the video of our activities on the page on the left. 
-To get text updates from me on your smart phone, please go to the following link and follow the instructions there. 

-If you don't have a smart phone, you can text @k767fhf to the number 81010.

-If you prefer email notifications, go to on a desktop computer and follow the directions to sign up. 

This is a way I can send out reminders etc. I will not know your phone number and you won't know mine but you will get the messages (similar to how you can get special offers etc. from restaurants etc. through text message).  You won't be able to reply through this system, but I will be able to send reminders (like when projects are due or other special messages) I have found this to be very popular with parents.  
 Here is a link to a you tube video to show you an easy way to teach your child how to tie shoes.  It is soooo easy.  I just heard about it recently, and couldn't believe how many years we have struggled with it here at school.  Remember "I Can Tie" day is the day right after Christmas break.  "Miss Cobb doesn't tie after Christmas"  :-)