Mr. Rodriguez

My name is H. Anthony Rodriguez, and I was born in Manhattan, New York City, a few blocks northwest of the Empire State Building. I grew up in Queens.

I am a proud, honorably discharged United States Army Veteran. 

I have worked in education since 1998. Throughout my more than two decades in education, I have been a special education paraprofessional, an elementary schoolteacher, a chemistry tutor, and a math tutor. I am a "Highly Qualified" elementary schoolteacher and a "Highly Qualified" special education teacher. 

I am certified to teach students with disabilities in New York and Michigan. 

In 2004, I married my wife, a beautiful girl born in Jerusalem, Israel. In July 2006, our son Daniel was born.  Throughout his time in school, he has scored in the 99th percentile nationally in math and between the 92nd and 95th percentile in English! In 2015, our daughter Elena was born. Both my wife and Elena are November babies!


Bachelor's degree in psychology, graduated summa cum laude (City University of New York)

Master of Science in General and Special Education, (Touro College, New York City, New York)

I love to travel and have visited many states in our beautiful country. I have also visited France, Ecuador, Germany, Puerto Rico, and Canada. My favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird. While driving, I am usually listening to 91.7 FM or 103.9 FM.

I am one of the BHS special education teachers!