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Bentley Community Schools is excited to have our students back for the 2017-2018 school year!

This year, Barhitte Elementary is looking forward to the following new programs:

  • Fuel to Play 60: The grant is sending six student leaders in 4th and 5th grade and three adults to participate in the Healthy/Physical Fuel Up to Play event at Ford Field in October.

  • Begindergarten: A new program will start in the fall for all students who want to experience a year of nature-based learning before entering Kindergarten.

  • Reading Streets: A new reading program will be used K-5 next year. Our teachers have already started training and reviewing the materials.

  • Intervention Programs: We are also starting a new reading intervention program: iRead, System 44, and Read 180 to ensure that all students are excelling at reading.

  • Common Meeting Times for Teachers: Next year common planning and common schedules will be implemented to allow teachers to work together to meet the needs of all students. learning before entering Kindergarten.

The Middle School has exciting new programs, too!

  • We will be 1:1 with Chromebooks.

  • Middle school sports will be played at the middle school.

  • We have a new reading and math intervention program to be implemented next year.

  • We were awarded several grants for healthier schools and will be focusing on nutrition and physical activity.

  • We also received a grant to do Sherlock Holmes reading promotion at the Middle School LIbrary.

At the high school, students will benefit from the following new initiatives:

  • Read 180 and Systems 44 will be available for our freshmen with a need for extra support in reading.

  • Building on Year 1 as we rebuild the climate and culture of the high school and focus more on academic achievement.

  • Adding more AP classes and moving to a 1/2 day PD model to focus on SAT and other student achievement professional development.

In the athletic department, Mr. Bednarski is ready for a new year!

  • We will have a JV Football team next year.

  • Starting this fall season, Bentley’s athletic programs will have a new website through the Varsity News Network. Please be on the lookout for our new site!

  • The Annual Powder Puff game between the Juniors and Seniors will become a tournament in the fall and will also include the freshman and sophomore classes.