Upcoming Events

Barhitte Upcoming Events:

Thursday, September 20th
Half Day of School
11:40 am Dismissal

Friday, September 21st
Popcorn Friday
50 Cents per bag

Wednesday, October 3rd
Student Count Day

October 1st—5th
Spirit Week
Monday, October 1st: Pajama Day
Tuesday, October 2nd: Crazy Hair/Hat Day
Wednesday, October 3rd: Color Wars
Begindergarten/Kindergarten: Black
1st Grade: Purple
2nd Grade: Green
3rd Grade: Yellow
4th Grade: Blue
5th Grade: Orange
Thursday, October 4th: Super Hero Day
Friday, October 5th: Red/White


Dear Parents,
On the 14th your child will be bringing home a booklet from SchoolMall, if you could fill it out and return it on Monday it would be greatly appreciated.

We are excited to announce that our school is participating in the SchoolMall program. Your student is bringing home an envelope with the words “Parents Please Help Us” across the top. Please take 10 minutes to complete the materials in the envelope and return them to school.  That is all you have to do for your student to earn a prize and our school to earn money. 

This money is used for the Computer Lab, so please fill out the booklet and return it with your child.  That is all you need to do for us to get $2.25 for each completed booklet.

Thank you,
Mrs. Blosser