COVID-19 Updates

January 12, 2021

Greetings Bentley Community,

The Bentley Board of Education confirmed at their January 11, 2021 regularly scheduled board meeting that students will have the opportunity to return to face-to-face (F2F) learning on Monday, January 25, 2021, which is the first day of the second semester.

Elementary Students

Elementary students will be returning to school for half days Monday through Thursday either during the morning (8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.) or afternoon (12:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.). Class lists are being developed by Mrs. Gooch. Transportation will be provided for pick-up and drop-off both for morning and afternoon sessions—more information will be forthcoming regarding schedules and bussing.

Morning students will eat breakfast at school and take a bag lunch home. Afternoon students will eat lunch at school and will get the next day’s breakfast in a bag to take home.

This plan allows all students who wish to be at school one-half day with their teacher four days/week with smaller class sizes. While it is recognized that a half-day option is harder for working parents, it is safer because there are fewer students in a classroom.

Secondary Students

Middle and high school students will return to the model that was scheduled for them in the fall, attending face-to-face (F2F) either Mondays and Tuesdays or Wednesdays and Thursdays from 7:30 a.m. – 2:15 p.m.

Safety Protocols

Point of Contact: The designated COVID-19 point of contact for each building is the principal:

Masks: Per the MDHHS December 18th Epidemic Order, face masks (as defined by MDHHS) must always be worn indoors by all staff and students 5 and older, except for meals and in other limited circumstances

  • All staff and students must wear masks that cover their mouth and nose
  • Facemasks may be made of cloth material (preferably multi-layered) or they may be disposable surgical or KN95 masks
  • Masks should fit snugly, with no gaps, and should be worn over the nose and mouth
  • Cloth face masks should be washed daily.· Disposable face masks should be disposed of at the end of each day
  • Plastic face shields or eye protection may be used in addition to cloth facemasks for additional risk mitigation, if desired.
  • Further guidance on masking is available online.

Hand Hygiene: it is expected that all staff and students wash their hands frequently with soap and water or use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol, both of which are widely available in each building.

Spacing and movement: it is our goal to space desks six feet apart, but will, at a minimum, be spaced three feet apart. To the degree practicable, students will maintain six feet from others when eating.

Symptomatic Screening

Parents are asked and expected to screen their children each day before coming to school for symptoms associated with COVID-19. If they exhibit any respiratory or gastrointestinal symptoms, or have a temperature of 100.4°F or greater, they should stay at home. If your child or anybody they have come into contact with in any preceding two-day period receives a positive COVID-19 lab, please keep your child home and contact the district at (810) 591-9120 immediately.

More information is available on our website at

Ultimately, our goal is to get our students back to school as safely and as quickly as possible. Just like you, most of us here in the district are parents—we understand how very difficult this has been. And also like you, we look forward to a time when life is less complicated.

Thank you so much for your continued support.


Dr. Kristy Spann, Superintendent